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those darn tracks on 8th street hate bikes

Treacherous tracks:

Jennifer Paine, who lives in central Lincoln and works downtown, is among many bicyclists who have had a bumpy ride on the way downtown on Eighth Street.

Both she and her roommate have crashed while traversing old railroad tracks embedded into Eighth Street, just south of the new Harris Overpass. Paine ended up with two black eyes; her roommate sliced her knee open, requiring 13 stitches.

She said she knows about 20 other people who have also crashed there, and if the city doesn’t fix the street, she’s considering a petition to force action.

“If the city doesn’t fill them … I’m gonna go down there with a bag of cement,” she said. “I’ve tried calling the city, and they’re just giving me the run-around.”

The treacherous tracks came up during a recent debate over a nearby redevelopment project — apparently if there’s enough tax increment financing generated by the redevelopment, some of the money could be used to remove the tracks.

I have seen two people eat it on those in the past. I cross them at quite and angle, have had them mess with my tires, but luckily not wrecked on them, yet. Petitions have been filled at local bike shops, but nothing ever gets done. Thanks Jennifer for bringing this up again.

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