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Rockets launch in conjunction with science fest

Along with rockets, THOR members tend to build obsessions. Paulman has blogged about his quest to build and successfully launch a Level 3 rocket — the high-powered kind. He has twice launched massive rockets, watched them soar thousands of feet into the air and never seen them again. They live in the cornfields now. As he started to put together the kit he got last summer, his family took to calling him Captain Ahab.

“I have resisted the temptation to name my new model the ‘Pequod’ or ‘Moby Dick,’” he wrote. “I have chosen the name ‘Persistence’ for this new model.”

It is pretty sad. The last one I saw him attempt was filled with pert near $1,000 of bits and not a one of them replied back to him to find it.

Here is his last attempt and my first time seeing a big rocket go up.

FYI the event has been cancelled because winds are projected to be above National Association of Rocketry rules and dry conditions in the pasture. Yes it did rain, but there is still a bunch of waist high dry / brown grasses in the field.

As stated in the article, safety is top priority when launching rockets. Adults who launch rockets at NAR sanctioned launches need to be members of one of two orgs that provide insurance and certification to fly. If winds are above 20 MPH, as forecast, we cannot launch and really would not want too. Wind makes launching rockets a pain.

We launch once a month and folks can always come watch. The big ones are still going to get flown, possibly May 17th. If you are interested in model rocketry check out the THOR club. A great group of people having a lot of fun.

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