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this makes me sad

Video GameE3 2009Attack of the Show

these guys smash a whole arcade full of games 🙁

On the subject of games. I almost got a new arcade machine Thursday. Theresa talked some sense into me. We are still trying to sell the TV and I put in the description that I would consider a trade for a pinball or and arcade machine. A guy offered an Atari Kangaroo game plus some cash and I figured it would be a good trade. The game is pretty old and kind of lame. Theresa would like to get money for the TV because we want to use said cash to get a new TV in her room. I offered to put $200 into the new TV fund in exchange of me getting a new game. It all came down to my limited space and saving my money for a pinball I really want and would play often. I completely agree.

My Bride of Pinbot is currently not working. I fried a transistor. Amos said he will help me swap that out and it should be working. I have a ton of new parts for the pinball machines and will post about that stuff later. They are going to totally kick butt here soon.

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