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think we are getting burned out on Omaha.


So we had tickets to see spamalot from Theresa’s parents and figured we would have some fun up in Omaha before the show. There was the husker game so we left about 1:30 to make sure we would avoid the traffic of drunks in red. Before we went we were like “what we gonna do?” “I dunno”….. When we got to Omaha it was the same. We had 6 hours to kill and saw the Nebraska furnature mart and headed there to kill some time.

NFM should be declared its own town or city. That place is fricking huge. It needs a tram. We made it through electronics and a bit of the furniture when we realized we did not bring any water or nourishment and should turn around to avoid death. They have an Apple dept so I got to mess around with an itouch. Browsing the web (my site of course) was fricking cool.

Decided to hit up one of my favorite places the family fun center. It had been a while since we had been there. Man has it changed. They used to have 10 pinball machines, now only 2. Basically the place has turned into one of them put a token in and get tickets places. Oh well.

Headed to the old market and stopped into upstream for some brews and appetizers. Our fave appetizer is not on the menu any more, but a blonde pizza hit the spot. Basically wandered around and hit a few more bars / shops. We checked the menu’s of a bunch of places cuz we wanted another appetizer. Did not find much and headed into billy frogs for some cheap bar grub. The tato skins had imitation bacon bits on them. So lame. We skipped M’s cuz they looked really busy. Last night I was informed that they have tons of appetizers and rule. Oh well.

Spamalot was pretty awesome for a musical. It made fun of musicals and was Monty Python. Laughed a bunch. 10,000 X better than Cats.

Sure there is tons of stuff to do in Omaha, but we were pretty bored and burnt out on the place at the moment. Wonder what there is to do in Grand Island.






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