think I might be on the atkins diet


Got a ton of meat from Hollenbeck sat. I made a pretty big order and did not realize how much I was ordering. The bill shocked me at first, but after filling the back seat with frozen meat we were giddy. Their meat is awesome, we really enjoy having quality meat and since we make meals all the time it is nice to stock up.

Cured pork chops, pork cutlets, new york strips, bacon, soup bones, roasts (beef and pork), ground beef, and not pictured huge stockpiles of jerky and beef snack sticks. The beef sticks came in one pound bags and are really good.

Had to plug in one of the fridges in the garage to hold it all.


Got some of my favorite bacon from Ideal. They know I love that applewood smoked bacon, so he threw in all the end pieces. Nust of been 1/2 pound worth.


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