Theresa makes killer cuppycakes


For a while now I can get Theresa to go up to Omaha easy as long as we visit cupcake island. It seems that might come to an end soon because she has started making some awesome cuppycakes. I lost a bet with Theresa’s parents over is Monk would find out who killed Trudy. (curses) So I had to make them dinner. We had from scratch fried ravioli with dipping sauce Theresa made, steak au poivre, Theresa’s killer risotto, NE sweet corn, some home made bread, and Boston creme and strawberry shortcake cuppycakes.

As usual with most things we make the cupcakes were from scratch. She used Alton Brown’s Chiffon Cupcake recipe for both. The boston creme ones had vanilla pastry cream piped inside the core, chocolate ganache coating, and some whipped cream on top. I picked up some strawberry preserves for the filling in the shortcake ones. Oh man were they good.

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