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Theresa: do not read this post.

535VTB07_Homer_with Bears
This pic is much cuter than a snake one 😉

So I tilled up my back yard and planted some grass which is doing really well.
So there is straw down and sat morning I headed out for some watering and it was like Indiana Jones in my back yard.
There were pert near 20 garter snakes sunning themselves on the straw. It really creeped me out. I can handle your regular garter snake or two around the yard cuz I have seen them for years. But these garter snakes were huge. Some up to 2 feet I would guess and as thick as a johnsonville Bratt.

The spookiest part was none of them moved at all. They just sat there with their heads raised up looking at me with their little tongues flickering. I busted out the sprinkler and shooed them all away with a few blasts of water. I did a bunch of yard work during the long weekend and continued to see them all over. Only saw a few of the little skinny cute ones, most were big scary suckas. I searched around on the web for answers on how to reduce their numbers. Got a few hints, but most say you are just stuck with them and they eat all the insects and are not really bad to have around. Maybe they are more noticeable since they cannot hide in the grass since it is so short. I just wish they were not so big.

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