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there is a special place for bike thieves when they die.

full size pic

more info at folks from lincoln:

If you see anyone in town riding a black titus moto lite mnt bike. and he’s not geared up.. you follow them and call cycle works or the cops asap. 475-2453..or the cop #…

Niel Bell just got this new bike, less than a week ago. Credit to Z-dog for the photo..

anyhoo. Niel just got this bike, and bam, it’s gone…. I just got the voice mail today.. so. If you see it, and the guy riding it doesnt’ look like he’s supposed to be on a 4 thousand dollar mnt bike, (or it’s not Niel…) roll up to him and start asking some questions… like where’d you get that,, where do you ride? you know… if you get the… I just borrowed it from my buddy, or I just bought it from a pawn shop… yeah, call the cops.

Hell, if you see this bike, just call cycle works asap and tell them where you saw it and what direction it was going… ….

uh, does anyone out there know anyone with a Black Titus Moto Lite? brand new with a fox fork? nope, should be the only one in… uh, nebraska and or local area…

keep your eyes peeled..
hey, if your bike got stolen, and you told me, I’d do the same for you.. help a brother out…Niel’s a good guy, he’d keep an eye out for your ride….

also in the LJS

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