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the rust rocket getting a bit of love, but not too much ;)

rust rocket

So I loaned the truck to a guy for a few weeks and he could not stand that it had no muffler. He put one on for me which is pretty darn good. Still the truck it is a hurting. I have one of those jumper boxes in the cab because every time I went to start it the battery would be dead. So last night I took the old battery out and headed down to O’Reilly to get a new one. The cheapest battery i could find was $69. I was stunned since the last one I have bought was around $30. Guy said the price of lead has doubled in the last year and that is what makes up a battery. Oh well. Has a 72 month warranty and I kept the receipt. Freaked me out when it just started this morning.

Then there was the front tire and its slow leak which I have been filling up once a week for months. I have a set of plug tools which I use often, but could not find a leak on the tire. One rainy morning when I was filling up the tire I noticed it leaking on the rim. Took it to the shop this morning to see what they could do. I dropped the spare tire in the back of the truck just in case. They called me up a hour later saying the rim was so corroded that the air was leaking out and they would need to use the spare rim. Also said one tire needs replacement, all my belts are cracked, my power steering hose has a leak and the fluid is really low. Bill would be around $380.00 to fix it all. Ummmm dudes the truck is not worth that much. Thanks but no thanks, just fix the tire. I will drive the sucka till it dies.

UPDATE: bill was $26. He said they do a courtesy check on every vehicle. He said I can get many more years out of it, heck it is a toyota.
Totally dude.

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