the potato soup ruled


I asked here and over on the forum. My main question was how will I thicken it. It simmered for 7 hours and thickened up just fine on its own. It was rather pork flavored and made a fine meal.

The night before Theresa said “pressure cook that hock”, which was an excellent idea. The hock was from Hollenbeck Farms and really well smoked. I found the chicken broth can to be rather comical, it was huge. One hour and the hock gave up its goodness.




I picked apart the leavings of the hock. Theresa really did not want any of that meat in the soup, But I thought it would of been awesome. Used my fat separator to get the fat off and threw it in the fridge.

Ran into a friend at Ideal and she had been following the post over on the forum and suggested using a mix of taters. So I picked up some gold taters. Loaded up the pot with the porkified chicken stock, a pint of half and half, one russet and a gold potato sliced thin and got it simmering.


About an hour later I smooshed the taters up good by running them through my fine mesh strainer. Added some bacon ans simmered for hours. Towards the end I added a bit of table cream and more taters.


The dairy thickened up good, the taters added their thickening power as well. It was very strongly flavored since I used uber bacon and the hock. It was awesome.


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