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the little voice in your stomach wants Oberto all-natural beef jerky


I am a big fan of beef jerky. I cannot do a road trip without jerky, even to Omaha. I mail order it by the pound from a farm in West Virginia, have been making my own for years, for some reason tried Jeff Foxworthy “ham” jerky, and am always looking for new brands to try. I was excited when a package showed up yesterday.

Oberto sent me some samples of their all-natural beef jerky. “All Natural” on the package intrigued me. I have had beef jerky that for some reason seems slightly translucent. What chemical makes beef slightly translucent? Oberto’s FAQ page explains how their Jerky is natural. Seems good to me. I am not sure if I have ever tried Oberto jerky, but was excited to give it a try.


First up is the Original. It had visible seasoning, a slightly sweet beefy flavor, with a slight pepper burn at the end. Just tough enough to last for a bit, but not dry and chewy. Did not run into any fat throughthe whole bag. There is the flavor of the marinade that might mask the beef flavor, but it does not seem too strange chemicals like other Jerky brands. I think the all natural fits this well.


I avoided teriyaki style jerky since I was a kid. I was not a fan of the sweet or soy sauce. Oberto teriyaki has made me realize I have been missing out by avoiding teriyaki. The slightly sweet and complex flavor is delicious. The pieces were tender and had a nice aroma. I devoured the bag and want more.

I enjoyed these jerkys and will look for the other flavor they offer. Thanks Oberto.

You¹ve probably seen the commercials on television featuring ³The Little
Voice In Your Stomach,² who lives inside the bellies of soccer star, Clint
Dempsey, all-star cornerback, Richard Sherman, and professional snowboarder,
Louie Vito. It¹s all part of the campaign, ³You get out what you put in,²
which implores active Americans to get the most out of their workout, their
sport and their lives by eating All Natural Oberto Beef Jerky. With no
artificial ingredients or preservatives Oberto is the official beef jerky of
Tough Mudder and as part of the Tough Mudder sponsorship, if you purchase a
package of Oberto Beef Jerky, you¹ll get $10 off registration for an event.

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