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the Google Chromecast is a nifty $35 streaming stick


I finally picked up a Google Chromecast. It looked interesting when it came out, but I was waiting for it to work with PLEX. It now works with PLEX and I picked up a Chromecast from Amazon. Install took a couple minutes and I had fun messing around with it.

A Chromecast is great for folks who are looking for a cheaper way to get streaming media to their TV. Would work especially well for folks who use streaming apps on PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones because that is how you get content to the Chromecast. With a Chromecast, there is no menu screen or remote. You use a device on the same network to find content to cast to the Chromecast from an app or compatible web page. The device that casts can control playback, but the Chromecast is doing the streaming. You can close down the app that casted and the Chromecast will keep playing.

* cheap
* vid quality same as ROKU
* can switch imput on your TV on its own
* any device on your network can cast to it without installing anything special. So have your friends get on your wireless and they can cast
* great interaction on the device that casted content. including lock screen controls.
* easily portable from TV to TV. I just have micro USB cables plugged into the TVs I use it on.

* If you are used to a ROKU or apple TV you will miss a home screen and menu. When something you casted is done there is nothing.
* each app that can cast is a bit different. Not really a standard.
* might be just me, but HDMI audio only

List of apps that can cast to Chromecast

I really like the thing. It will not be replacing our ROKU, but is enjoyable for sure. I use it at my computer desk with a TV I had lying around. the SDK should be out soon and I see a bright future for it. For $35 it is completely worth it. You can get it from Amazon, Best Buy, and other places.


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