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The Garage sports bar and grill


Stopped by Wed afternoon after a doctor visit. I had not been there since it changed from the penalty box. Insidey parts look the same, but the menu has changed. Not a huge menu, but a good set of stuff. They do cheap steaks on some days and it is quite a deal. THe bartender reccomended I get a cheese frenchie, but I had a hankering for a breaded chicken sammich. Although I asked her between the chicken and a burger and she said their burgers are killer. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger.

Glistening fat parfait mmmmm…..

I was in there around 3:30 and it was not filled with anyone else eating and my ticket got delayed a bit cuz the cook was doing prep. He rushed it a bit. I could tell he used a lid over the burger on the grill to speed up the cooking. When that is done it traps the fuel and exhaust of the grill and adds a very noticeable flavor. The bacon was precooked, which is totally acceptable. It was piled on and crispy. The bun was brushed with butter before being browned which was awesome. Fries like mini steak fries were fresh. The burger itseld was “certified angus” and oh man was it good. Thing looked like a piece of steak on a bun. It was one heck of a tasty burger besides the fuel taste.

When the cook came out I found out it was a former workmate and a cook I respected a bunch. He worked at the Tam O’ Shanter for a long time as well. He said sorry for the time it took and I could see he knew I could taste the fuel. It was all good. I will go back again for sure. It was a darn fine burger.

More burger news below

Many years ago I wrote about the best bacon cheeseburger in town. It was before I was using wordpress and many design revisions prior. I tried looking around on the internet archives, searched through all my old website files on disks, and cannot find it. That was back when I just went around and played pinball and ate bacon cheeseburgers a couple times a week. I think I remember it mostly though.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

#1 was Stauffers Cafe
Way before they moved to their new location a door down, they had a small town cafe. Hand formed not severely squished patty with amazing crisp meaty bacon. It was not huge, but it was top notch. It was what you would make at home or your mom made for you.
Sadly they have switched to a premade patty as far as I know. Still an amazing place to grub down at though. Theresa gets her hot beef from me now so we rarely visit.

2#(?)I think Randy’s grill and chill was 2nd and they deserved it. Their burgers kicked butt. It was a big burger with many strips of bacon on it. I asked Randy how he makes them so good. “Misty’s seasoning” he said.
I had another two weeks ago and was severely disappointed. It in no way compared. The patties are uber cheap now. Seems they are a fine ground that did not settle with me at all. I guess they have something to do with their $2.99 evening burger special.

#? I listed Runza, Wendy’s, and BK in there as dependable places.

#? was Misty’s bacon cheese burger. Yeah I worked there, but they simply are amazing. Quality stuff right there.

On that list so many years ago I complained about a few places. Highest on my hit list was the watering hole. They cooked their burgers with a lid over the grill constantly. Just irked me cuz the burgers could of been so good. I do not know if they still practice this method. I also ripped on some places and I forget where, but a BCB needs at least 2 strips of bacon. Places that rip a piece in half and give you 1.5 strips bewilder me.

If I were to make a list today it would include Misty’s, the garage, the Tam O’Shanter, and parkway lanes in no particular order. Although I could go for a parkway lanes BCC right about now 😉

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