the game disc could not be read


Man so all this wait to get my hands on the wiimote to play Metroid and the very first time I insert it I get an error “the game disc could not be read”, I totally freak and eject, stick back in, all good. Well last night when running down a hallway it happens during game play, then again when I fly to a new planet. Lots of fudging with it, no go.

Panicked and googled the error. nothing points to this being a metroid only problem, but a console or disk issue. So you have to call Nintendo to arrange a repair or replacement option. Lame…… Called up target and asked about exchanging for the same title. “we will have to open the returned game before we will exchange” Fine with me as long as I can land on Bayyhn and kill some space pirates.

EDIT: the new disc works fine, phew……..
Now if only I could beat the ice dude 🙁

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