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the furminator is the ultimate dog grooming tool

the furminator is simply amazing. Quite an expensive dog brush, but worth every penny of the $35 we paid for it. yeah a $35 dog brush.

Fuggles is a medium hair dog with an undercoat. Maggie is and Cloe was shorthair with no undercoat. It is horrible how much Fuggles sheds. We tried a few cheap brushes and it hardly made a difference. Did some research and found the great reviews on the furminator.

The blade looks like the blades on a set of electric shears, like the ones you buzz your head with. It works by letting the top coat pass through but grabs the undercoat and pulls it out. It leaves the soft top coat and Fuggles does not seem to mind it. She is so soft after. I use it about once a week and the hair on the floor has gone down considerably.

When we got it I wanted to test it out. Got fuggles to sniff it and went to town in the kitchen. Bad move. The fur bunnies were everywhere. I now do it in the back yard or porch. The first time I used it I had a ball of dog hair bigger than a basketball. Maggie looks all sad cuz I do not use it on her. So I usually do a couple passes on her back to make her happy. It does nothing for her though.

My neighbor borrows it, and some friends with two lab’s are borrowing it currently. Short hair dogs from now on.

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