the four horsemen are drawing neigh, the time of prophecy is upon us

Not really but I am about to kick this crappy raleigh to the fricking curb. It has been my work commuter for a while now and I fricking hate riding it. It is heavy, has no suspension, fits me wrong, and really crappy. It just made me a sad panda when I rode it.

Well my new commuter is built up and I switched the brooks saddle and clipless pedals to the new one. But I still had to ride the crappy one this morning cuz I will not get my new lock till thurs. So I had to use normal pedals and an old seat. It sucked soooooooooo much worse than usual. It is strange that I have not rode normal pedals for the last two years. It was strange and really sucked.

Oh and I had a little to drink last night and today I have gyro burps. ewwwwwwwwww

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