the coolest free balloons ever

So I headed down to Baker hardware to get some screws to install a ceiling fan, when I saw the balloon begging me to give it a good home. The bike ride home was fun. There was a big green frog one with it as well. Theresa looked at me like I was a freak and I brought them inside.

Fuggles was freaked out by them. I put them on my bed to keep her away from my window. She likes to watch the neighbors. We enjoyed her being all puppy like, it gave us giggles all night. This morning I was awakened by her barking at the balloons, I think they took her by surprise.

So this morning I took one of her favorite toys and put it on top of one. She checked it out for a few minutes before I grabbed this little vid. She might be 55 pounds, but she is still a puppy. And the baloons are still guarding my bed 😉

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