The BorKs invade Omaha


So heading up to Omaha for a grub down and shopping fiesta. I have been craving some Omaha grub and Theresa needs some new work clothes. Asked over on the forum for suggestions and thought here might work too.

Theresa really wants to go shopping for clothes. She likes to stay young and hip looking, but professional enough for work. In lincoln she hits up New York n Co, Eddie Bauer, Maurices, and Express. Any of you omahaians know of some cool places she should visit? Not looking for spensy designer stuff though. Also which mall we should go to.

Places we plan on hitting:
Dinkers for lunch burgers
regency court or Village Point for WH | BM (lady clothes)
cupcake island
McKennas to get some to go BBQ. (possibly)
brewburgers or dixie quicks for dinner

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