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The Allendales get jumped after Bob’s Tavern gig

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Well, last night i was bored at Bobs Tavern in Havelock and i was gonna write you but decided to wait til after the show. Boy am i glad i did!
After the show The Allendales were beat down by a rogue group of farmboy gangsters. They whipped us with belts, punched our faces, broke Timmy’s hand and arm, ripped my shoulder up, and broke Darryl’s rib and gouged out his eye. No shit.
These deginerates were bloodying up a poor (edit) right out by the van so Darryl acted like he worked there and told them to leave and the cops were coming. They proceeded to shove him and took their belts off and started whipping him.
I said “Hey!” and they beckoned me over, calling me a (edit). I came over because of Darryl and they pulled their shirts over their faces and started shoving me and calling me a (edit) and whipping me with a belt.
Next thing i know darryl is on the ground being mercilessly beaten so I started trying to pull the a$shole off of him and thats when i started taking some hard blows to the face and head. By this point Duncan was in there shoving dudes, Timmy was punching the guy that was punching me and subsequently getting pounded to death, and Kenny was throwing punches right and left.
In hindsight i wish i would have kicked the dude beating and gouging Darryl but i guess hindsight is always 2020.
Kenny changed the momentum and they fled to their car and curled up their license plates. We followed them and Timmy (who’s arm and hand were already broken) and Darryl went to the back of the car and got the number and i called 911. The fuckin Juggalos hit Timmy and Darryl with the car!
So cops came, we did all that s%it, Timmy went to the hospital then we we and picked him up, where we proceeded to arrive at The Compound to a full party at 3:30 AM and got loaded.
The aftermath:
Darryl has a broken rib and a gouged eye and lots of bumps. Timmy has a broken arm and hand and many bumps and he will not be playing for a while. I have a grinding (edit) right shoulder and a worthless right arm and a very banged up skull, and Dave and Ken are scuffed up. The Allendales will likely be down for a while but when we emerge we have a story better than any other band i guess.

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