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the aeropress makes a strong cup of coffee


There was a coffee thread on the message board and fluxus mentioned the aeropress. It is a unique little thing and we wanted to heck it out. Ordered from amazon.

It is a much sturdier piece of equip than I thought it would be. Seems like a fancy graduated cylinder than a chunk of plastic. We still learning how to use it. Kind of strange how little comes out of it. Tried two cups and maybe got an ounce out of it. One cup makes a very strong shot which I love. It looks like oil when it comes out.

– no sludge. Seems French Press is cloudy and has leavings. This filters it out completely
– quick and cleans up really easy. You twist off the bottom, grab the filter if you want to reuse it, plop the puck of spent coffee,rinse the end, and pull the plunger out to dry.
– makes a severely strong shot of espresso like coffee. Add water or milk to taste.

I really do not drink much burnt bean water, but have started enjoying recently. I do not like mine hot or weak. You brew with 175 degree water with this thinger and it is cool enough to shoot right away. i had a bit of trouble sleeping last night 😉


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