that squirrel sacrificed itself, they are getting smarter by the day

You can continue to live in doubt, but I will not let the squirrels continue to plague us. We must fight back. Those activist squirrels used to have a nut gathering agenda, but now they are setting their sites on domination of our electrical grid. My parents phone line was ravaged by squirrels to interrupt communications a month back.


A squirrel got on a transformer at the Lincoln Electric System substation at 56th and Q streets Wednesday morning, causing a power outage to 2,175 LES customers.

Power went out from 40th to 70th streets, A to Vine at 7:35 a.m. and was restored by 7:59 a.m., said LES spokesman Russ Reno.

The squirrel was killed after making contact with the transformer, Reno said.

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