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That new bike smell


Theresa surprised me yesterday. She wanted to get a new bike so we could ride together more often. I really like biking and I picked her up a vintage schwin many years ago. She just really did not like the bike. It was old, heavy, and even the crank was bent so it rode strange. It always bummed me out that we did not go for rides together more than a few times a year. Being a good husband I did not push the issue and this recent revelation made me so happy.

I was so excited and had it all planned out the shops we would hit. We found some ones she liked, but either the color was wrong, or the tires too skinny. The third shop had an Electra Koi and she was memorized by it. The grin on her face when test riding it was adorable. After we visited a 4th place she said her search was done and we went back and picked it up.

Re-Cycled had the bike for a while and reduced the price to $400 to get it out the door. I rode it home from the store because it was pretty far away and I have no bike rack on the car currently. I was giggling the whole way home. We went for a quick little ride and she was sooo happy. Got home and just stared at it for a while. She waxed it all up nice and we got ice cream at Zesto’s on a nice bike ride after dinner. Hi Grauz

I am so full of happiness because biking is such a big part of my life and she is getting in on it so we can get some physicals and have good times together. We will just go for fun and short rides, but at least we we are getting out. I placed an order for a killer wicker basket for her bike that is quick release so you can detach it and carry it around. Farmers market look out

The thing is a beast though. It weighs 34 pounds. It has a 3 speed internal hub and coaster brakes. She will never be tearing down the road on it, because it is just a cruiser. She even waxed it with the wax I use for pinball machines because she wants it to stay beautiful forever. We will treat the leather in a few days. The thing glistened after the wax as you can see in the pictures below. My front room is now more crowded with the new bike there and I could not be happier.

She really does not have any special interest in the koi fish, but the bike is just beautiful and she likes all the flowers and how cool it looks. When I rode it home and all the times I sat on it and laughed it was just so odd to me. Being a bike dork it broke all the rules I adhere to as a bike geek. The thing is just so spread out and the balloon tires, seat, handle bars, and fenders are just so comically large it just makes me do a super villain laugh. She absolutely loves it and that is all that matters.

Lots of pics and a vid below








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