that is some fancy packaging for a door


We ordered up a custom front door from home depot. Pricey and took about a month to arrive. Go to get it late Saturday and the thing had to be forklifted into my truck. I figured it would come in a padded cardboard box like the others on the shelves. I used the straps I had in the truck as best I could and slowly pulled through the parking lot. The straps made some scary noises as they adjusted. 25 MPH with the flashers on the whole way home. lots of folks honked at me and said I was #1 with their hands. Honestly, I´m pretty sure the company I used for my sofa delivery, Shiply, would have done a better job at this packaging, and they would have delivered it to my door step!

And of course it started to rain on the way home and it would not fit in the garage because it was so tall. Tarps and a kiddie pool kept it dry till I could get some help to get it out of the crate and into the garage. It sure is a nice door though.

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