Thanks for the tips and votes last week. One more if you can


I will never add one of those annoying share buttons like the pic above. Those things drive me nuts.

Switched over to a new theme for a bit. Just wondering what you think of it. Ignore the banner at the top. I will fix that if I want to switch to the theme. It would be a lot of work for just a test. Would use same banner I usually do. Just wondering what you think of the layout. I like the sidebar and how it is easier to see the widgets as separate pieces. I also like the little date box on the left side makes it easy to see where a new post starts. Might be a bit too white overall though. I would customize the heck out of it too. Make links a diff color, tweak here and there.

UPDATE: after playing around I am not really liking this one. Especially because I have not modified it much and it just looks like crap. I will keep it up till mid morn tomorrow, but I will search out a few more themes and mod them well before I ask if you like it.

Thanks for the votes.

UPDATEII: sorry about that. Back to norm.

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