testing out the Vapify FOGBANK Vapor Tank kit


I have been using this FOGBANK Vapor Tank kit from Vapify.us for a bit over a week now and loving it. I chatted with Bob of Vapify for a bit over an hour a bit back and decided to go with their carto tank system.



The battery is the star of the kit. They wanted to make a high quality device with good features that was not too complicated and still be affordable, and they have.

• Brushed stainless steel body construction
• Graphic LED battery indicator
• Bottom pass-through charging port (for use of the unit while charging)
• Bottom-of-battery threaded pass-through bezel
• Puff count indicator • Triple-click power-off with glow-orange indicator
• Glow-blue activation indicators and back-light
• Triple-blink blue “charge soon” indicator
• Glow-red charge indicator • Glow-green charge complete
• Over-voltage protected battery
• Premium low-resistance coils and cartomizers for maximum performance and long life

This is the first battery I have had with a LCD display, battery status, and a bottom pass-through. You can vape with it while it is charging, but that is not a feature you would use too often. The 650mAh battery lasted me a day of normal vaping with ease. I used it with many different heads and all worked well with the battery. I like to raise the volts when using a Kanger Protank and this battery kept up no problem. The button is awesome. It is rubberized and has a great feel. All my ego batteries have the hard plastic buttons, so the Vapify one just feels good.

It looks great. The stainless feels fancy and the device puts on a show when the button is pressed. The button, LCD, and the clear ring around the top glow blue every time you vape. It has a smooth transition as well. While charging the clear ring at the top shows red while charging and green when full. The LCD display shows a puff counter and the battery level. Having a puff counter is fun and kind of freaky. Many times I was shocked to see how many puffs I had racked up. I was anxious to see what happened when you hit 999. It stays at 999, but you can set it back to 0 easy. All my other ego batteries are just batteries, this FOGBANK battery is a pretty piece of info rich hardware.

The carto tank worked darn well with their horchata liquid. I am guessing it is a Boge F16 non locking carto tank. I had no problems with it not locking since the drip tip held it all together. It made a great fog with the Vapify E-juice. So on to that horchata liquid. WOW. It was odd at first vape, but grew on me quick. Theresa even mentioned that it had an unique aroma. Once I started I could not stop. It has the almond and cinnamon with a touch of coconut I think. Had the GNS guys check it out and I tried GNS’s horchata and we all agreed it has something extra in it. The GNS guys thought it was good as well. At 22mg of nicotine I can only enjoy it a bit at a time though. I am currently at 12mg and the higher level rings my bell.

It is my favorite battery out of the many we have collected. Was the first time I have had a pass-through battery. I wish pass-through batteries used the same charger connection as ego batts, but that is not a knock on the Vapify unit. The polymer carrying case is built really tough. It is adjustable and holds your PV very well. Would be great of folks in a rough line of work who wants to protect their PV.

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