tested out Old Chicago pizza last night

In my never ending quest to find a pizza that is good enough to ween T off of her favorite Val’s. I did get a free small or personal pizza card from them a few years back and remembered I liked it. So did some yard work, T had to do some stuff, we agreed to feed ourselves but when she came home neither of had eaten so I suggested Old Chicago.

medium Chicago style 1/2 pepperoni 1/2 mushroom and black olive. When I got home and opened the sucker up it looked awesome. The pepperoni was uber thick and the other side was loaded up as well. I grabbed my olive and mush piece and was not too impressed. Tried a pep one and well with that much pep you really can’t go wrong. But I was not impressed enough to order from there again, neither was T.

Just bumms me out that I have yet to find something I really like and something that will impress T. Nero’s, Piezanos, Ramo’s, Fox’s, and now Old Chicago have failed to do it for us. yai Yai’s is good, but not really a thin crust guy. I guess I will keep trying. Any suggestions?

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