Target bags


I ain’t too worried about plastic bags killing the earth. George Carlin is on to something if you ask me. But there are differences in plastic bags. Target bags are the absolute best. I am glad to pay a few thousandths of a cent more for my purchases cuz it means I will get some more of their fine plastic bags.

What makes them so much better you ask? Well for one they are perty much the standard plastic bag size, but they are made of a thicker and stretchier plastic. This allows for a bit more abuse, they hold up much better. On my commuter bike I have a leather saddle, which does not fare well in wet conditions. I have 2 bags jammed under the seat rails just in case it rains. being sturdier means there will not be holes to let water in.

I would never waste one on picking up dog crap, that is for sure.

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