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Taquito flavored kisses for my T

This would attempt 3 at making some taquitos from leftover chicken. Went with a hearty meal of roast chicken, gravy, and mushed taters. Oh man it was good. We got a pretty small chicken but there was still a bunch of meat left so I picked it clean and cut it into little chunks to make some taquitos. The first time I tried to make them I used corn torts and they did not stay together very well. i also used cream cheese, other cheeses, and spices. It was overkill. Wanted to keep it really simple this time.

Cooked up the flour torts a bit on the electric burner to get them firmer and have that nummy almost burnt flavor.

Used Velveeta Mexicam mild cheese which is really good, but very pricey. And then the chicken particulates, that was it. Froze them up. Took 4 out for lunch today, microwave 2 mins, and finish off in the toaster oven so they would not be soggy. Pretty darn good. Only problem is the meat still has the flavor of the seasonings I use for roasting chickens. I will make sure to leave 1/2 bare the next time I attempt.

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