taco taco burrito burrito taco taco

Don’t think just cuz you gots lots of money
I’ll give you taco flavored kisses honey
fulfill all your sexy wishes with my taco flavored kisses
taco taco burrito burrito taco taco

Article about the taco ride them Omaha folks do

plans are set for sept 6th for a group of folks I ride with.

You hear that word often on the Taco Ride, which takes place every Thursday night on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail.

What sane person would pedal a bicycle for 10 miles to a steakhouse in a tiny southwest Iowa town, just to eat some cheap tacos and drink some cheap margaritas?

Then get on his bike again, in a tired and slightly euphoric state, and pedal another 10 miles back to the car, all, hopefully, before dark?

Hundreds of people. Sometimes a thousand or more.

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