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tablespoon & teaspoon just pick one already

So Mr. T said something like “didn’t you go to culinary school” when we first met. Not sure if he was joking around or not. But no I have no formal training. But recently I have really enjoyed cooking. Specially from raw stuff. There is that one lady on the food porn channel who makes meals from store bought crap and she irks me. Most has been from watching Alton Brown and other cooking shows. Trying different things, ya know. And spending a whole day on the weekend making stuff is a purdy good day to me.

But I seem to muck up this dam measuring spoon thing. it really grinds my gears. First off stop abbreviating it. And really just fricking pick one. how about we just get rid of the whole tablespoon thing? How about a mega teaspoon?

I made a batch of vanilla ice cream and split it up so I could do the cookies and cream. I used 7 tablespoons when it should of been 6 teaspoons of vanilla extract. i wanted to make it a bit more vanilla powered. It was so intense. Oh man I made it through one bowl and felt sick. Dumped the whole batch and made a new one.

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