sure am gonna miss not noticing them train horns

LJS article

So us south bottoms folk will loose some crossings, but the horns will stop blaring. I would rather have the crossings actually, but my property value would prob enjoy the quietness. I live a block away from the main 3 tracks that get used a bunch, and the track on my block is used to move cars around.

I love when they are moving the cars around. A deep boom followed by the whole house rumbling is pretty cool. The horns do not bother me much. I really only notice them when my window is open and I am bedding down. They are really loud though, like really loud. I doubt it messes with my sleep that much and the track noise zonks me out really good.

They reccomend that the D and J street crossings be closed. That should keep the traffic down pretty good. Will make the Jamaica trail a little safer as well. They are gonna wait till the Harris overpass is done before working on the quiet zone north of A street, so I will have to wait for a while.

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