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super modified Big Daddy with 29mm AT RMS F40-4W

So I have set up a blog for my rocketry adventures: Will get it in he bar up top soon. I have been having soooooo much fun recently and did not want to fill my main site with all my rocket posts, but this one was cool.

The above vid is my 2nd launch of this rocket and it did amazing. The rocket weighs about a pound and the almost second of thrust with amazing sound only took it 1/4 or maybe 1/3 of the way up after the sound stopped. It cruised up to prob 10000 feet. Chute popped great and it floated down yards away. The fire and the smoke amazed by Bro from 50 yards away.

I am a member of NAR (National association of Rocketry) and am working on my Level 1 certification. It requires that I launch at L1 standards while I get judged by others who have that certification for me to join the group. I plan on doing it with my favorite rocket that will be heavily modified to get there. Plywood fins and many other modifications. It will need a 29MM motor and that is way bigger than the usual 24MM motors the standard rocket takes, Yeah only 5 more MM, but it is a huge step.

To get to that point I need to play around with the reloadable motors and it has been quite the curve. The reloads use the composite motors that are made from the same stuff the solid rocket boosters used on the shuttles. It is 3 X more powerful than the disposable black powder motors use. They pack one hell of a punch for sure.

I detailed the build on the rocketry forum. You can see it here.


Since this is just the test rocket….. well I don’t know. I might just make it my L1 rocket. She flies darn great, but oh man is it fun to play with.

I have lots of time to ge ready for my L1 cert and am having fun playing around with the reloads. I really do not want to go above where I can see the rocket pop, b ut am enjoying playing with crazy high flights with reloads.

Sorry to make this post so long. There are cool as heck pics below the fold. Click the right side link and it will open up without opening a new page or tab.






The huge flame behind it looks so awesome. Lots of energy being used there. LOVE IT

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