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super mega ultra BorK’s update

lets see….. We had roasted chicken last night. I do it on the grill in a roasting pan to keep the heat out of the house and well it is just darn tasty that way.


I always wear the kevlar cloves when using the mandoline. That thing is pure evil.


Finally got the patio table a table part. It was a glass top, but that shattered about 10 minutes after we got it so I just used some kitchen leavings to make another table.


Not the best job I could of done. Used an angle grinder to make an edge on it and Theresa put tons of coats of exterior poly on it to seal the particleboard.


Got the vinyl flooring done in the main storage room downstairs. Theresa painted it up nice.


Theresa painted the pantry too. The same dapper tan we used in the kitchen and a darker brown for the shelves


There is a really small room downstairs and Theresa painted and we put a shelving unit we had in there. It will become our secondary pantry for stuff we buy in bulk or do not use all that often. Only thing left is the man cave. Very excited.


Went to the fair, hugged a bird of some sort

via Wilty:

bork: Does T have to keep you on a child leash when you go to the fair, to keep you from running off after the animals (and presumably adopting them and naming them things?) Or does she just give you a stern look and say “Steeeeeve….” and you immediately come back to her side?


have a good one

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