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super chill planned for today


Just like home there are feral cats everywhere. This diabolo cat got a bit of grouper from me. Not supposed to feed them, but he was so cute and let me pet him.

Thurs was fun. IM’d with Ghogan, started my day off with a double shot of tequila, Dos XX, and a sheet of pepto pills, ate breakfast, headed to the pool and goofed off for a while, ate lunch and headed off to Xcaret eco park.

Lots of sun burned gringo’s here. The lagoon is topless and saw some old lady jublies. Lots of beautiful people here. Lots of hardbodies and tiny bikinis. T liking the beefcakes as well.

Internet connection is pretty spotty. Been trying to get on all morning and just connected. Sending pics to my flickr which is nice.

We took a taxi to the park. The main road is pretty crazy, the taxi drivers are loco. Speed limit was 80 K and they drive 120 K, lanes mean nothing to them. On the way back from the park it was dark and a car was speeding towards us in our lane. There was a huge wreck with a jacknifed semi and a few cars. It looked pretty bad.

The park was pretty cool. Took paths around the animal enclosures. Saw an awesome orchid preservation area. Rows of racks filled with orchid clones in a lab. Hung out in a butterfly enclosure, very pretty. Saw a mushroom growery which looked delicious.

The main attraction is a 1/2 mile underground river which you float down. It was 60 degrees and uber clear water. It was lighted by holes letting light in from above ground. It is not a river with much current so it is up to you to swim through the whole thing, it wore us out and took about an hour. Got some amazing pictures of the place with an underwater camera.

We both got a bit too much sun once again. Drank a bunch of Don Julio the Mexican way with sangrita. It is tomato juice, chile, lemon, salt, pepper, and worchester sauce. It is like a really strong bloody mary and really takes the edge off the tequila. You chase the tequila with it.

I do not get much seafood at home and have been eating pretty much just that. Whole shrimps, grouper, salmon, calamari, octopus, tuna, and sushi. Oh and tangerine juice is fricking awesome.

Today we are just gonna chill. Prob lounge around the pools and take a siesta. Tomorrow we are gonna head to Playa once again to pick up some trinkets and lounge in the ocean. We leave pretty early Sunday and will not get back home till about midnight. Will be nice to see the puppies again.

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