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Suite 1 pub and pizza


We learned about this from Great Plains Foodie and were eager to try it. Theresa is a bit stuck in her pizza ways, but she was looking forward to checking Suite 1 pub and pizza out. Located under Magnolias and Maggie‘s at 311 N 8th Street in the Haymarket.

They made the place look pretty cool. We decided on a medium deep dish, 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 black olive and mushroom. We played a game of shuffle board while it cooked. They have TV’s, two pool tables, box soccer, dual spider darts, megatouch, digital jukebox, and golden tee to keep you busy. It has a full bar with American domestic and local beers on tap as well as a good selection of bottled beers.

THe pizza took about as long as you would expect for a deep dish Chicago style pie. It was hot and covered in a chunky sweet tomato sauce. The crust was light and thick. Cheese on the bottom was stretchy and just enough. Toppings were pretty good. Theresa likes her pepperoni on top, but the layer was good and mixed well with the sauce. My olives were big slices and the mushrooms might of been fresh (I could not tell if they were canned, so they were good enough for me). In one of these pies the edge crust is not really the point so it was minimal, the under crust is where it is at. It was not too spicy, but the crust was a bit buttery. She said there was some flavor in it she really liked, but could not isolate it. Theresa said it is better than pizza hut and she would try it again. That is a huge compliment by her standards. I am looking forward to checking out one of their loaded specialty pies.

As far as a bar goes, it had everything you would need. The pizza was good and they offer other stuff. Being so close to the baseball and football stadiums I am sure they will do really well. I hope they are working on being a bit more visible to attract more folk. Right now the temp vinyl sign makes it hard to find. I will be back for sure.





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