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Sugru is pretty nifty


Sugru is a a type of silicone that sticks to lots of stuff like glass, wood, metal, and plastics. It feels like a soft playdough and is easy to mold into shapes. After 30 minutes it sets, but takes 24 hours to cure. After it cures it is still soft like rubber. Dishwasher safe and heat resistant. Check the Sugru site for more info and ideas how to use it.

I got 1 package of six 5 gram packages. I had no clue what to use it on though. Ended up putting some feet on a really cheap desoldering iron stand and making grips for where I pinch grip my fave chef knife. It is pretty messy to work with. Just getting it out of the package was an ordeal. It is like sticky chewing gum and was hard to get off my hands. Works good though.



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