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stupid Thursdays


Thursday sucked so much

Water heater issues (will explain below) in the morn.

went into work for a bit

then to the DMV. Was greeted by Andy Stebbing, NE treasurer, and holy cow is he a politician. Best handshake I have ever had. His hair was glorious, his smile gleaming, he smelt of old spice. He even opened up the rope for me to avoid going around. Worker said he does that about once a week.

Visited Dave at KZUM. Which was awesome, but I was late and missed the dance party


Then a severe dental cleaning. The one where they numb 1/2 your face. I F’n hurt 1/2 way through so she shot me up with even more Novocaine. 2 hours of super suck and I have to go back for the 2nd half in two weeks.

So there I am unable to control 1/2 my face, still tasting blood, and trying to communicate to people at three diff stores about water heater crap mostly using hand gestures and grunts and lots of pointing and showing pictures on my phone. Old roommate helped me get it installed though.

Picked up my first weezer album (Blue one) hot damn


So the water heater issue in case someone else runs into this. Middle of last week the water pressure in the shower dropped and the hot water only lasted for a few minutes. I thought maybe the work down the street was the pressure issue, but the limited hot water perplexed me. I drained the water heater after some googling and a bunch of light blue granuals came out.

It was the dip tube.

Back in 1993 the company who made the dip tubes for many water heater companies changed their plastic formula. They pretty much disintegrate after 8 years. So if your water heater was made between 1993 and 1999 this could happen to you. There was a class action lawsuit, but it is too late to get anything out of it. The bummer is that you cannot get in there and clean it out and the little bits of plastic jam up the aerator screens on anything that squirts out hot water >.<

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