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strawberries in the aerogarden


Well Aerogarden used to offer a strawberry pack, but one does not start strawberries from seed like all the other seed kits and shipping live plants did not work out all that well. There is a group of folks on the internets that have said F that and done it themselves. We started our first strawberries last year and did not get a single berry cuz od the animals around the neighborhood ate them all. But, the spread of the strawberries was insane and we had lots of flowers already kicking on a bunch of plants so Theresa dug some up for us to use.

There are a few websites that talk about DIY AG strawberries and this one was our inspiration. So off we go. Our herbs will do fine in planters and as bedding plants so the cheap to use aerogarden will keep our berries safe from those damn animals, but Thunky might cause some problems. Will see.

I had to trim down the root / rhizome to fit them into the littke containers, but Theresa got some good ones with lots of already showing flowers to use. I hope it works good. Will update.


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