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storage vmotion, Svmotion is fricking awesome


I doubt any BorK reader will care, but this is the fricking most awesomest 3rd party VMware plugin ever made. SVmotion allows you to move a virtual server to another LUN (datastore in ESX) while powered on. Regular Vmotion allows you to move a VM from host to host, but not across datastores. It is not supported by VMware yet, but nothing needs to be loaded up on the host or virtual center server, you just add the plugin to your client and it uses features already built into ESX which are not offered currently by VMware.

Long story short, it is going to solve an issue here at work that has plagued us for many months. I tested it and it works flawlessly.

EDIT: been seeing a bunch of hits to this.
The link to where the plugin has changed.

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