the STIVO is up and running again. well kinda

I had been using windows and beyondTV for a while to capture, deit, and archive TV shows. Worked quite well, but it became apparent I was wasting time, disk space, and a bunch of DVD’s. Why have every family guy or futurama on disk when they play every day? After having over 1TB of shows I killed it. What I really needed was just a recording device like a VCR for my TV in linux, cuz I aint gonna waste a computer by putting windows on it.

So I got it now. Basically we use the cable co’s DVR to capture what we want. I use the coaxial out of the cable box to mirror what is showing on the DVR. Then with a simple command “cat /dev/video0 /share/tv/nameoffile.jpg” I am recording just as good as I was, but in linux. Quality is just as good, and I can run it remotely via ssh.

So my uber geeky do it all box will be moving to the kitchen here soon. Currently it is a 600GB raid 5 samba share, runs a XP virtual machine, records shows that I want, and will now become the TV in the kitchen that will mirror what we are watching in the living room. Purdy cool. Sure I could just put a TV in the kitchen, but how geeky is that?

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