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from a good thread over at I had finally had enough.

You are telling me that the party that said we would be greeted as liberators, that we did not need too many troops, that it would only take six weeks, that the oil would pay for the attack, invasion, and occupation, that we would find WMD’s, that the looting was not a problem, that the the mission was accomplished, that the insurgency is in its last throwes, that them voting would change the situation, that getting a goverment established would help, that after we cought Saddam it would be better, that after we killed Saddam’s sons we would get the upper hand, that after Zarquai was killed alqueida was done, and if we leave the bad guys will follow us home, discarded the great writ of habeus corpus, illegaly wiretapped American citizens, ignores the geneva conventions, tortures humans, ran us into the biggest national debt ever, snuck Bolton in with a recess apointment, Who passed a bill to pardon the president from all of his illegal activities, the party that let Afghanistan fall back into the Talibans hands is the party that is going to make things better? Bitch please.

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