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Star City Scene/Beer or Kid message board topic about Lincoln vs Omaha in printed edition of LJS

closeup of print here

Online article that this came from.

Lincoln vs. Omaha

OK, we’re not trying to start a fight here.

Well, maybe just a little one.

A recent forum topic on the Star City Scene/Beer or Kid message board called “Lincoln is better than Omaha. Omaha is better than Lincoln.” asked for reasons why each city is better than the other. It includes dozens of good posts, such as one from “super sleuth” saying Lincoln is better because it’s easier to bike around, has a lower crime rate, and “D’Leon’s!” Omaha is better because of more stores and a cheaper airport.

We thought this LinOma contest of qualities was a good idea, and like any good idea, we wanted to copy it.

We want to hear from LJS readers: Why is Lincoln better than Omaha? And vice versa. E-mail your answers to mmertes(at) Include your name and please write your reasons in a list form.

Purdy cool 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Theresa work for spotting it.

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