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SPONCH is a nummers mex cookie and a cool name for a dog


I love the tamales from La Tapatia and like to pick up items I have not seen before. Sponch is really good cookie. It is like a shortbread cookie with 4 globs of very sticky marshmallow coated with coconut and a glob of strawberry jam in the middle. My first bite was meh… then I jammed the rest of it in my mouth and hit the strawberry jam part which splodes with the flavor. Mui nummerolisciouso. I see they have grape too. This is one I would actually buy again. Package comes with 6 cookies and I ate two. They are pretty darn sweet so I doubt I could eat a pack in one sitting, nor want too.

Would be an awesome name for a dog though. Heeeeere Spoonchie, come here girl. That a good Spoonchers, oh yes you are.

So that brings me to my mexi mart issue. well two actually. The first is how the tamales are always just sitting on the counter. Yeah I know that is tradition, but I would like them to be out of the food temperature zone. I love being in the baffroom, but not counting the tile on the floor. 2nd is how the employees always try to speak to me in spanish. I have some hispanic in me and they get nothing but a blank and confused stare from me. I do not know a lick of Spanish. I even could not handle the simple stuff down in Mexico. It is kind of pathetic. This last trip I paid with my debit card and they guy saw my last name and I replies “yup Ramos” and he looked offended and pronounced my name “Roooomoos” (just call me to understand) in a disgusted way to correct my arse. That happened to me multiple times down in Mexico as well. I guess I should pick up the Language learning DVD’s from the lady with the rocking bewbs from the TV commercial.

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