speaking of elephants… A Richman Gordman elephant slide is for sale

Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 9.13.08 AM

$760 so far on ebay

You’re bidding on a TRUE RARITY,an omaha classic, its a richman gordman elephant slide, great condition but does have some small problems at the very end of slide,some of the fiberglass is broke away,still very solid and can handle a whole neighborhood of kids, could use a paint job,around 7-8 ft + tall, can deliver and place where you want it within a hundred mile radius of omaha ne. for $500.00, or anywhere in the country for the right price,otherwise local pick up only. not many of these around but remembered,used and loved by thousands of kids in omaha, ,a true functional eccentric pc of americana,may be the only one left. also have the camel and hippo which i’ll be listing shortly.

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