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sorta meh…. BorK update


New dryer. We have been saving up for a long time, and then we would get something else, then save more, and finally we have replaced the at least 10 year old dryer that came with the house. Notice the latch needed to close the door. The lint screen has been torn for at least 8 years and I would clean it every now and then. When I tore down the vent there was about a golfball sized core the air could go through. Can’t believe we did not burn the house down.

Got the super ultra mega deal on the dryer from Best Buy over the Labor day weekend. Was $427 and they deliver and take the old one away for $30. Picked up a dryer cord from ACE for 1/2 what Best Buy wanted as well. Thing has the dryer sensor and it sooooo fast. Theresa still used the clothesline though. >.< IMG_1264


Basement cleanup is pretty much done. Might try to go get more shelves for the main storage room tonight. I picked the colors for my man cave. They are both purple, but the one looks pretty blue in the pic. Started working out where stuff is going to go. Been checking out dartboards. Mostly going to just use crap around the house to furnish it. TV and stero will be added sometime next year. Lots of beer signs to relocate and pull out of storage. Two are lights, so that will brighten the place up with the dark colors on the wall.


We now have 80 bags of sweet corn in the deep freeze. We have done around 30 dozen this year including what we have eaten. It is a lot of work, but nothing compares to a bowl full of NE sweet corn in the middle of winter.

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