sorbet update

So monday afternoon I use the ice cream maker to get my white peach sorbet froze up. Well I made it, tasted it and loved it, then stuck it right back into the fridge. Last night I hit sleepy time hard and did not even attempt to taste it. Well got off a bit early tues night (1 AM) and wanted to eat it so bad. But sorbet in a fridge is a bit runny. Re machined it and grubbed down about 1/2 of it all soft but close to frozen. Tomorrow it is gonna rule.

If I get out early enough tomorrow we are gonna mix up a plain vanilla and then mix in diff stuff into separate containers. Should be cool. I wanna do a caramel, strawberry, and cinnamon mix. T got some ideas as well. I have a feeling that ice cream maker is gonna get a bunch of use.

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