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sooooooo ready for some cabinets


We have a really good selection of tupperware now thanks to Katy the tupperware rep. Katy and my parents went in on a large set of freezer containers for Theresa. We have decided to use our lazy susan for tupperware storage. Right now our microwave holds our glasses.

The NE company building the cabinets is on holiday break and starts back up the 5th of January. So we figure the middle of next month they should come in. Scott, the guy who is going to assist with the install, came over and had some good ideas on how we will do the countertops. Our goal is function over fancy, so laminate countertop was the way to go. I am not a big fan of the premade ones with the back splash and rounded ends, so we are going to do our own with a nice wood nose and a 45 degree bevel. The back splash will be the tile we have in other parts of the kitchen.

I have been asking Q’s over on the forum and people I know about the sink. We still not completely sure, but we might get a nice black composite sink from home depot since we have gift cards for there. Might go stainless, but I am a little scared about keeping it looking nice. It will be a double sink for sure either way. We do not have a dishwasher, nor want one, so having a rinse water area is going to rule.

The aerogarden is sprouting well. The basil is in the lead currently.


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