Something about bread you made yourself makes it taste that much better


Those are supposed to be baguettes, well they kinda are. I slept so much this weekend. I woke up Sunday so early I had no clue what to do with myself. Not wanting to spend money and already took the dog for a ride and hit the rollers I needed to find something to cook.
I grabbed some cookbooks and Theresa thumbed through one and gave me suggestions. She mentioned bread and that sparked my interest.

I am the cooker, she is the baker. Well it was time for me to go to the other side. I decided to go with a simple crusty loaf to get my basic skills down. Well I learned that rushing the rising can hurt, and that a bit of butter on a piece of freshly baked bread is heaven.

I did try a focicia as you might be able to see. It was a bit too much and stuck in the dish really bad. Still I am hooked. Sure I could pick a loaf for a buck or spend hours making my own, I think I will spend the time. Being able to make a good loaf of bread might just come in handy some day.





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