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So i was talking to my dad a week or so ago. Telling him about all my food adventures and thanking him for the upright freezer. He said “food is not a hobby” in a way to suggest i am wasting my time making all my own food and could spend my time on other things. I absolutely love having food as a hobby.

mostly because I like to eat good food, but knowing what is in my food is even better. Almost everything we make is from scratch. I spend a good 12 hours a week cooking and love it. Yeah our meals are not the healthiest, but they are good and nutritious.

Anyways, I grew 4 cayenne pepper plants and got quite the haul. I had some I picked months ago lying around and decided to grind them up to make some cayenne powder. i was wondering if I should remove the seeds, but just threw them in the spice grinder and what came out was awesome. I am drying all those in the bowl there on some string and should have some kicking cayenne powder here soon.

I am going to start saving some bacon grease again. Not just normal bacon grease though, uber Scotts bacon grease. i figure I will add a bit to baked beans I plan on making on the smoker here soon.


After checking in on our corn rations we decided we needed to get more corn. We tried some green giant corn a week ago and it was horrific. We are now completely addicted to decent sweet corn. it is a lot of work, but so worth it. Got another 14 bags worth our of 4 dozen ears.



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