smoking round 2


So I am enjoying my BBQ during weekday lunches and still have some brisket left. Decided to do ribs and another chicken. Learned my smoker a bit more. I kept the temp around 240 most of the time. The smoke flavor is not too strong so I think I need to kick that up a bunch.

3 racks of baby back ribs from sams.


Pulled the membrane off. Rubbed with a mix of brown sugar, pepper, salt, garlic powder, and cayenne overnight.



I was going to try the 2-2-1 method.. 2 hours of smoke, wrap in foil with some apple juice for 2 hours, then an hour out of the foil. The one in the middle did not get wrapped.


A chunk broke off a foil wrapped rib. It was awesome.


The one in the middle was the one that saw no foil. I basted them every hour with some apple juice. The chicken came out good. Awesome sammiches to come. Cut all the meat up and froze most of it.



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